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Doctor Strange Movie INFO

Release Date: November 4, 2016
Rating: Rated PG-13

Year    :   4 November 2016
By    :   United States of America
Director    :   Scott Derrickson
Genre    :   Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Duration    :   115 minutes
Budget    :   $165 million
Age    :   PG-13

Doctor Strange is a 2016 American superhero movie featuring the Marvel Comics character of exactly the same name, distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and produced by Marvel Studios. It's the fourteenth picture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The movie is directed by Scott Derrickson, who wrote the screenplay with C. Robert Cargill from a narrative by the couple and Jon Spaihts, and stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Michael Stuhlbarg, Benjamin Bratt, Scott Adkins, Mads Mikkelsen, and Tilda Swinton. Surgeon Stephen Strange learns the mystic arts in the Ancient One after a career-ending car accident.

Rating:   IMDb   8.1

In Nepal, Kathmandu, the sorcerer Kaecilius and his zealots enter the secret compound Kamartaj and kill keeper of historical and mystical texts, its librarian. They snitch a rite in the manners of the mystic arts, a sorcerer who has lived for an unknown time and educated all -Taj, including Kaecilius, from a publication prohibited by the Ancient One. The traitors are pursued by the Ancient One, but Kaecilius escapes with the pages and a few of his followers.

Stephen Strange, an acclaimed neurosurgeon, loses using his hands in an automobile accident. His former lover and coworker Christine Palmer attempts to help him move on, but the haughty Strange instead needs to treat his injuries. The Ancient One reveals Strange her power, showing other aspects like the Mirror Dimension and the astral plane. Strange begs her to instruct him, and she finally agrees despite his conceit, which reminds her of Kaecilius.

Strange learns in the early novels in the library, which is currently protected by the master Wong, and starts his tutelage under the Ancient One and Mordo. It's clarified that Earth is shielded from other measurements by a fascination formed from three buldings called Sanctums, found in Hong Kong, London, and Nyc. Though Pangborn selected to forgo this obligation in favor of directing energy into walking again the job of the sorcerers is always to shield the Sanctums; Strange must determine between defending the world and regaining using his hands. Strange progress rapidly over several months, even in secret reading in the texts that are banned and learning to turn time with the mysterious Eye of Agamotto. Wong and Mordo warn Strange against comparing his smug yearning for power, breaking the laws of nature and using such power after the deaths of his nearest and dearest.

His followers and Kaecilius use the pages that are purloined to start summoning the strong Dormammu of the Black Dimension, all can live eternally and where time will not exist. This ruins the London Sanctum, and sends Strange from Kamartaj to the Nyc Sanctum. The zealots subsequently assault there, where Strange holds away them until the Ancient One arrive and Mordo with the mysterious Cloak of Levitation. The Ancient One injure, and getaways to Hong Kong. Before expiring despite the best attempts of a confused Palmer and Strange, the Ancient One tells Strange that he also must break the rules, to balance out the steadfast nature of Mordo. Mordo and strange arrive to discover Wong dead and the Dark Dimension was ruined, with by the Sanctum. Strange uses the Attention to turn back time and save before creating an endless time loop, Wong that immobilizes himself and Dormammu in the exact same instant forever. If the loop breaks, taking the zealots and Kaecilius with him Dormammu consents to leave Earth.

In a mid-credits scene, Thor, who has brought his brother Loki to Earth to hunt for his or her father Odin visits there Strange.
Well, in all honesty, it likely has more in relation to the typical. Magic wands, sorcery tomes, dreadful creatures - you name it, he is got it.

Which of these did you see in the MCU introduction of Benedict Cumberbatch?

1. During a training duel with Strange, Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) identifies various mysterious things. Another thing, the Wand of Watoomb, is a strong artifact first shown in a team-up between Strange and his improbable buddy, Spiderman It's seen after in the movie, being used by Wong (Benedict Wong) during the conflict in Hong Kong.

2. When Mordo and Stephen are sent crashing into a bus window, you will not have missed Doctor Strange co-creator Stan Lee as a passenger that was happily ignorant. But did you see what he was reading? Undoubtedly the counterculture star Huxley was an inspiration for Lee when he created the trippy Doctor Strange back in 1963.

3. You might have wondered why enormous bad Dormammu's name did not appear in the credits. That is because Cumberbatch also played him. "Because no one comprehended Dormammu better than Benedict did," director Scott Derrickson told IGN "I also wrote that part to be a sort of ultra-inflated variation of Strange."

4. Benjamin Bratt shows up in a modest part as Jonathan Pangborn, a guy who treated his own back that is broken with the powers of magic. We meet him playing with basketball. The last was an infamous scene in the infamously terrible Catwoman Certainly this can not be a coincidence.

5. The tome which the Ancient One, Strange and Kaecilius learn their banned arts from was composed by the Italian magician Cagliostro, and contained passages from your notes of a 31st century sorcerer, Sise Neg, and from your publication of magic that was wicked called the Darkhold. It contained magic that enabled the user to go through time - as Strange learned in the movie. That also describes the entire "notes in the future" thing.

6. The one armed Master Hamir is a character. He's really Wong's father - an old servant of the Ancient One who was head-controlled into poisoning his master. Seems like he missed his opportunity in the MCU...

7. You might have supposed the name of Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) and Strange's not-quite-capable co-worker Nick (aka Michael Stuhlbarg) was brief for 'Nicholas'. Actually, he's Nicodemus West, who on Strange used in the comic books after his injury and was wracked with guilt over failing to save the hands of Stephen.

8. These are unstoppable magic beings that bring destruction wherever they go, the Mindless Ones. Even strong sorcerers like Dormammu and Strange himself have found themselves.

9. The (late) defender of the Nyc sanctum was Daniel Drumm (played by British actor Mark Anthony Brighton). In the comics, he's the brother of the hero Brother Voodoo and a former sorcerer. This variant of Drumm acts as a ghostly sidekick and is dead. Brother Voodoo triumphed Strange.

10. Only before the devastating car crash of Stephen, the surgeon ignores a string of prospective patients. Among those - an air force colonel who hurt his back in a suit of armour that is experimental - sounds a great deal fresh from his harm in Captain America: Civil War, but Derrickson ensured us that this really is not true. Could the military have already been involved in secret efforts to reproduce Iron Man's armour?
At last - a light, humorous superhero film that includes the fantasy aspects of the genre in kind and its story. Despite his brush with death, Strange has not lost his confidence in science or any of his arrogance. He remembers another famed pretentious physician played by a British celebrity, located this time in TV land: the Dr House of Hugh Laurie also believed himself much more gifted than his peers. Nevertheless, House accepted that his leg would never completely heal and was modest.

Yet Strange's transformation is left even more powerful unsentimental and, thanks to director Scott Derrickson's uncompromising, yes, realistic strategy. Departure cannot bring Strange to modesty, so just something beyond departure could. For Stark, it was love, but Strange is not the sentimental kind (or his thoughts are hidden way too deep). This can be where the movie gets really odd really - intentionally thus, of course - by taking a large step into the mystical world. Following a lead that is somewhat tenuous, Strange journeys to Nepal to locate someone who can allegedly educate your brain to cure the human body even though he does not believe in gift shop” things that are such.

Subsequently, when the Ancient One - the master of the area, played by a Tilda Swinton at her otherworldly greatest - lets go of him, Strange returns to our measurement just as suddenly as he left it. There's no way around the strangeness of the spiritual world: Derrickson and ” follows her guidance to adopt the unknown, as the master shortly tells Strange, Not everything can be described.

However, this other measurement must be confronted, and the mysterious, just like medication, can only just be mastered through practice. The reality of Derrickson applies to the charming one: it requires Strange innumerable trials and mistakes to get to grips with the principles of his new powers, as well as afterward he stays incredibly exposed, and the world as we understand it.

As the movie advances, it repeats epic -bending in other manners, although the result is possibly less exhilarating.

When travelling across measurements where reality is of an alternate type staying to naturalism means that circumstances change from being unique to absurd. Derrickson manages to steer clear of the pitfalls of other Marvel films by (largely) not driving the humour, instead enabling it to slip through the life or death situation of the narrative, and through the British sarcasm of the movie's hero.

The actual and the mysterious meet in ways that are ever more dramatic, as when the rules of the mysterious world challenge the built-in rationality of Strange. Despite the fact that it was not easy for him to acknowledge that science is not always enough, he must accept that the mysterious world also has its limits.

The visual design of the movie is undoubtedly the best of any Marvel movie. Seldom has a modern hit so completely adopted the possibilities of digital film because of its fantastical sequences, including its activity into endless views formed -like repeat of motifs that are visual. Derrickson encourages us to bask in playfulness of the algorithmic layouts and the total physical irrationality as he commits himself to an almost docu-design strategy when returning us to the world that is real. Doctor Strange makes for a captivating cinematic experience, one that indicates a bright future for Hollywood, while such a heady mixture of naturalism and digitalism could have been jarring.
Another night, I saw a film about a self-centered, devilmaycare professional who abruptly ends up injured and helpless. Consequently, he finds the need for helping others, and becomes a flamboyant, flying superhero character — all while assisted by a strong energy source glowing from his torso.

The amusing thing is, the film did not star Robert Downey, Jr.

It is rather old hat at this point to critique the plain, general sameness that's the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Origin stories that are similar, similar world- glowering villains and finishing positions, Hey gang that is similar, is not this fun?” Every picture to be capped by teasers. We have reached the stage where it is considered avant-garde innovation to just include a slightly distinct tone ( Ant Man ) or a sarcastic, space opera vibe ( Guardians of the Galaxy ), but given the number of ethnic impetus that Marvel's world has, that is mostly been enough to keep crowds coming back.

Benedict Cumberbatch (strong, though not dramatic) plays the titular Doctor Stephen Strange. He is an arrogant, bordering-on-unkind surgeon who's still valued because of his unbelievable physical dexterity and ability. And in spite of his egotistic antics, noble buddies like Rachel McAdams' Christine Palmer stick in the excellent tradition of fantastic medical-professional assholes. But one night, Strange causes a savage crash that ruins his hands, and with them, his career and reason for living and goes barreling through a dangerous switchback in his Lamborghini.

There's magic, mysterious power, and a neverending string of measurements folding she says, and by reaching beyond the known universe to the Multiverse, Strange can find more than he ever believed possible.

I expect so, because I'ven't even gone into some of the more out there concepts Doctor Strange attempts to handle. It simply tosses them out there, assured that hardcore Marvel fans will understand them at first glance — and judging from your crowd I viewed the movie with, that is a sound stake — but it can result in a confusing, Warcraft -design maze of terms and notions for the uninitiated. The direction of Scott Derrickson pulls the movie together despite the mythology that is compact. He is usually known for genre attempts like Black and Deliver Us From Evil, but in Doctor Strange, a psychedelic phantasmagoria that is absolutely unprecedented in his body of work is delivered by Derrickson. The visuals that are supercharged go on and on. There are lots of references on display — minutes in the town sequences feel like scenes cut from Start — but they are still innovative new terrain for both filmmaker and Marvel, which has mostly fought to bring any sort of new aesthetic to its portfolio, aside in the ‘70s-divine grit of the recent Captain America movies.

Despite having the splendor that is visual, yet, there is an inherent sense that Marvel is not completely certain crowds are prepared for the far out theories it is introducing. Another phase of Marvel movies will go all-in on the big-bad Thanos and the ultra-strong Infinity Stones (we break them down here ), which amount of pure funny bookiness will be a leap in the comparatively grounded strategy Marvel's first slate of movies took. Doctor Strange is no doubt supposed to help bridge that transition by setting the more unusual aspects of the universe up, but the film looks insecure about an unique bizarro inclinations. It is seen through the movie, to the casting of Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One from the obscure motivations of the generic baddie of Mads Mikkelsen. (That selection was swayed by anxieties of the ethnic stereotyping related to the first character, and by a squeamishness about recognizing a Tibetan hero and possibly alienating the Chinese marketplace However, the selection necessarily looks like cultural whitewashing.) But that is exemplified by an embarrassing strain of pop culture comedy that feels completely shoehorned into the picture. The Beyoncé and Eminem references only feel destitute and distressed.

Which is a pity, because Doctor Strange is at its most amusing when it is unapologetically not the same as anything Marvel has done before. There is a sequence toward the ending of the movie that is outright gorgeous, both in concept and performance without getting into spoilers.

Maybe it is simply that there is a little too much Marvel Studios in Doctor Strange, when the most powerful thing about the movie are. The firm has set the template for modern hits, with almost every studio embracing its shared universe strategy. But we have seen the origin story of Tony Stark before; we have seen Ant-Man. We understand that formula functions. When it is repeated year after year, that is what it becomes: a convention that is worn-out. Marvel stepping when it comes to strategy and tone is a good beginning, but the studio will need to begin doing precisely the same thing with the construction of its storylines its Cinematic Universe will collapse upon itself, however fairly the visual effects. Marvel should be commended for figuring out that it must open the portal into a richer, more diverse universe of films because of its long term success. As time goes on, it simply must step through.
It's been a long way since the inception of MCU back in 2008. Back in those days not so many people believed in this project. Creating a concept of a shared universe with characters not that familiar to general audience was considered as a doom from the start. But here we are now, 8 years later (damn, time flies so fast), and we're getting Doctor Strange film. And what a brilliant film it is. You know that feeling when you walk out out theater so satisfied and you can't stop thinking about the film, and you have the urge to watch it again? That is how I feel. Absolutely fantastic film. Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange incarnate. I know the movie was just released, but I can't imagine anyone else playing the titular character. The rest of the amazing cast is also great. Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams and Benedict Wong are all great as supporting characters. Mads Mikkelsen as the antagonist may not be Joker-level of villain, but he is good enough and you will mostly be satisfied. Even my man Boyka is there, giving additional discomfort to our hero. One can argue that the story is a ''formulaic'' and not masterfully executed. Fine, I have to agree in a way, but this movie is all about bringing those Steve Ditko comic book visuals to life. And they were breathtaking and majestic. They alone are worth the ticket price. Such and amazing and well crafted achievement. You won't be able to take your eyes off screen, especially once the final showdown begins. Definitely a must see movie.

Rimsa41 @ iMDB

If "Doctor Strange" can be dispiritingly safe, it can also be just as impressively bold - an hallucinogenic trip along a very familiar path, watching the film is like adding a large dose of LSD to your morning commute.

David Ehrlich @ RottenTomatoes

The action climaxes with a truly impressive finale, one that employs time going in multiple directions that’s like nothing I’ve ever seen in a movie before. The effects shots here aren’t just visually impressive; they actually let the narrative go to places it couldn’t without this level of, you’ll pardon the expression, wizardry.

Alonso Duralde @ MetaCritic

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